Coaching is different from therapy.

Coaching is different from therapy, though I see them as being along the same continuum, as both are nonjudgmental relationships of honesty, bravery, integrity and commitment. Coaching focuses primarily on growth, possibility and expansion. Therapy tends to look to the past to free us from our patterns and our pain. They frequently overlap.

I have used both at different times in my life, depending on what I was working on. I have recommended both to my clients, depending on what they were working on. And I’ve worked in tandem with clients who were also in therapy. If at any time I think therapy would be more productive or beneficial, I will always let a client know.

I’ve also collaborated with clients and health care professionals. This team approach is particularly rewarding because healing and growth are intensified when a person attends to many levels of her wellbeing simultaneously.

Coaching is different from friendship.

It can be difficult to truly explore our dreams with the people who know us.

Family and friends are invested, not only in their own dreams and desires, but also in the dreams and desires they have for you. Plus, they see you through the filters of their history with you.

As your coach, I have one agenda: helping you get more of what you want.

Our conversations are completely confidential.

You won’t be judged or criticized.

I will clarify, affirm, offer different perspectives, hold you accountable (something that is hard for loved ones to do without inspiring guilt or anger) and empower you to live your best life – as you define it.

I would be honored to partner with you.

Let’s get started on what’s next, whether you know and have been procrastinating, or you haven’t a clue.

Together we will problem solve, simplify and prioritize; make peace with whatever is holding you back; and look for ways to support your follow-through, reduce your stress and ramp up your joy.

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Counseling left me frustrated and feeling no better than when I had arrived. In contrast, my first meeting with Mary was filled with feedback, support, hope and a variety of solutions to experiment with.

Mary’s approach is one of love, options, and follow-through. She understands your desires/goals and breaks them down into doable, achievable steps. She holds you accountable when things are hard and cheers you on when you don’t think you can do it. She’s like having a wise and practical big sister, without all the sibling dynamics!
— Heather Graf Lensegrav, OT, LMT, Revival Therapy