Life Coaching

I work with smart, busy people who want a creative and practical collaborator (aka thought partner) to help them manage their lives’ demands, so they get to experience more of what they desire.

“But my life is good! Well, mostly!”

Wanting a better life does not mean that you are ungrateful or unaware.

Making your good life even better is about evaluating, prioritizing and aligning.

It may be as simple as choosing again…

Choosing more.
More authenticity
More expression
More integrity, kindness and peace

And ...

Choosing less.
Less have-to, should, must and ought
Less mindlessness, joylessness, aimlessness
Less self-criticism and disrespect

You are so skillful at being present. Listening, open, vibrant and aware of who I am. You help me be better at being me, better at being true to myself.
— M Schmidt, MD

Step by step toward more of what you want.

This more-and-less-ness is not so much about specific accomplishments.

It’s about continuing to move in the general direction of your heart’s desires. 

“I don’t know where to start.”

Not knowing where to start, or even if you want to start, is completely normal.

Overwhelm, restlessness and resignation drain and distract us from our connection with ourselves and with others. All we know for sure is that the status quo doesn’t feel good and the prospect of making some changes feels better than staying stuck.

Coaching can help.

I’m committed to helping you get more of what you want out of life, and two decades of being a coach has taught me that people need what they need when they need it.

So rather than following some lockstep program or predetermined format, we will begin with whatever weighs heaviest on you in that moment.

I trust your process.

Over time, I know we will address all of your most important priorities.

Together, we will

  • explore possibilities
  • brainstorm options
  • examine many angles and search for common threads
  • look at the big picture and pay attention to the details
  • transmute past choices into wisdom
  • problem solve, plan next steps and track progress
  • celebrate the milestones and grieve the losses 

Themes and patterns may emerge for us to explore more deeply. At the end of every session, we make note of key insights, celebrations and homework, which I email to you. This helps to document the journey, track the next steps and show how very far you’ve come.

Thank you for not only being a good listener, but for being a good responder! I always leave our sessions with a better perspective about what is happening and how I can respond to it. That brings me such peace of mind and a sense of calm.
— Val Koens

Small changes add up.

Along the way, you may begin to think a little differently.

Perhaps you will start to treat yourself with more appreciation, gentleness and respect.

You may become more skilled at identifying and asking for what you want, and you’ll begin to trust yourself and your instincts more. 

You’ll take more risks, big and small.

These little changes will add up, and before long, your life will look different. As you lighten up, you light up.

It’s inspiring to watch my journey unfold and see moments of progress. Thank you. You are the definition of where passion, purpose and skill collide.
— Amy Jo Martin, author & founder, Digital Royalty

Change. And then change some more.

New goals reveal themselves as old ones are accomplished or let go. New challenges surface. And transitions, even positive ones, can be bumpy.

Pursuing the next best version of yourself is often uncomfortable.

Having a trusted collaborator by your side for the journey offers both courage and comfort.

Let’s talk about some changes.

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I pride myself on being strong-willed and able to work things out by myself, so I was a little reluctant about coaching. Mary’s suggestions were insightful yet simple and common sense. Before I knew it, what I thought was unattainable turned out to be slight pivots and adjustments to get me back on track.
— Cris Matthews, RN & clinic manager