My approach to making your good life better.

I’m Mary Maisey-Ireland, and as a professional life coach and business coach, I see and draw out the best in my clients, encouraging and supporting them to experiment with new possibilities, shift their perspectives, rediscover their passions and give themselves permission to make decisions and take action.

Life is wonder-full, literally, but it’s not always easy.

Difficulties usually provide the nudge (occasionally, it’s more like a serious kick in the pants) that we need in order to grow, to let go of some outdated belief or conclusion, and to take a leap.

We already know so much about what is good and right for us. We just need to hear ourselves say what we know – to someone who will help us filter out the noise to someone who will offer different perspectives, unclouded by history or bias; to someone who is listening for the common threads, the gold nuggets, the next steps.

With me as your coach, you’ll HAVE a:

  • mentorto introduce you to new perspectives and possibilities
  • guideto help you explore, evaluate options and make plans
  • confidantto tell your biggest dreams and darkest fears
  • witnessto embolden you to be your best self
  • promise keeper to help you stay on track
  • allyto cheer your triumphs and help you redeem your failures
Before I met Mary, I was feeling very overwhelmed and a little scared about how things in my life were going. After one meeting, my stress was significantly reduced and within a few months, I’d paid off a $50K debt!

For more than 12 years now, Mary’s calm, confident coaching has positively impacted all areas of my life including my relationships, career, my spirituality, finances, and my health. Her insights and guidance have allowed me to move through my life with much more grace than I’d be able to do on my own.
— Kara White Monroe, Interior Designer, KW Interiors

I’m about learning and loving.

Coaching is an extension of my natural bent to learn, to love and to pass it on. I was coaching a decade before the profession became, well, a profession. I have a master’s degree in business administration and more than two decades of experience as a personal and business coach.

It all started with growing up as a military brat, the eldest of five kids and the go-to problem solver for those around me. Later, I spent my formative, young adult years in a company that self-published the bestselling college textbook in America, a student success book that taught (and still teaches) study skills, life skills, money and time management skills – many of which I share with clients to this day!

Behind the scenes.

I live on 18 acres in the Black Hills of South Dakota with my best friend, who thankfully is also my husband. My two favorite gurus, disguised as our grown children, visit often. The ongoing assortment of physical chores of tending to our animals and caring for our land and gardens keeps me connected to the seasons and to what’s Real.

I love honoring milestones in my own and other people’s lives, being in nature, long talks with family (blood and chosen), good food, yoga, salt water, bodywork, travel, musicals and a good laugh (and, occasionally, a good cry, too).

My mantra is “It can get even better than this!”

Your life can get even better, too.

I can help. 

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